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Requirements Checklist


To complete all requirements, please login to your USA Swimming Account. If you have not registered as a Coach member, please reach out to your club for the registration link. All unattached coach members should reach out to your LSC Registration Chair.

Have questions about junior coach memberships? Click here.

CPR/AED Certification
Obtain USA Swimming-approved adult & pediatric CPR/AED certification (must maintain a current certification at all times) – see list of approved courses in the step by step list at the bottom of the Coach Safety Requirements page.

Safety Training for Swim Coaches (Online and In-water)
See list of approved courses in the step by step list at the bottom of the Coach Safety Requirements page. (Must maintain a current certification at all times).

Concussion Protocol Training
Coaches should take the concussion training to meet their state requirements. In states where no such law exists, coaches can take the training through the Centers for Disease Control or the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Criminal Background Check
To be completed by all adult non-athlete members every two years. ($39 for new members, $18 for renewals) Anyone who has lived in New York State may have to pay more and the process may be delayed due to NY requirements.

Athlete Protection Training (APT) Course
Members can access the courses at any time. This course is offered at no charge. Year 1: SafeSport Trained, Year 2: Refresher 1, Year 3: Refresher 2, Year 4: Refresher 3, Year 5: SafeSport Trained, etc.

USADA Coach's Advantage Tutorial
Members can access the course at any time. This course is offered at no charge. This course is renewed annually.

Coach Certification
New coach members will take the Starting Block courses (“Welcome to USA Swimming” and “The Quality Coaching Framework”) prior to being on deck. They must complete the Core Certification before their second year registration. Current and previous coach members need to take “The Quality Coaching Framework” once and are encouraged to take a certification.

Child Abuse Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA)
Non-athlete members who are residents of California must take the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act course in the course catalog. This course is provided by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and must be completed once. Non-athlete members who do not reside in California are welcome to take the course, however it is not required.

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