2018 Annual Report


2018 was an incredible year for the USA Swimming Foundation and we have hundreds of donors thank! Together, we accomplished the following triumphs:

  • The U.S. National Swim Team brought home 43 medals and 10 meet records from the Pan Pacific Championships where the U.S. was awarded the team title.
  • The USA Swimming Foundation was able to provide more than $700,000 in grants to 151 Make a Splash Local Partner Swim Lesson providers, a nearly $200,000 increase in funding over previous years.
  • The USA Swimming Foundation was able to support our National Team athletes and coaches with more than $780,000 in funding and our sport development efforts with $120,000 in support. 
  • The Make a Splash Tour presented by Phillips 66 celebrated 10 years of raising awareness and spreading the importance of learning to swim.

Your donation helped to make all this possible and we simply couldn’t have done it without you!

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    2018 Donor Honor Roll

    The USA Swimming Foundation would like to thank the many generous donors who make our work possible.

    The USA Swimming Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Tax I.D. 72-1581977. 

    Every effort has been made for accuracy. Please direct any questions to the USA Swimming Foundation.
    Donor Honor Roll Symbols: * 2018 Champions Club Member, + Trustee, ^ National Team Alumni


    Joseph B. Gould Foundation
    Phillips 66
    USA Swimming

    $100,000- 249,999

    The Copses Family Foundation*+
    Julie and Jay Van Cleave*+


    Arena North America
    The Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Charitable Foundation
    Alex and Olga Blavatnik*+
    Jill and Jeff Bornstein*+
    Tim and Jennifer Buckley*+
    Carolyn Dirks and Brett Dougherty*+
    The Floyd Family Foundation
    David and Richelle Fox*+^
    Hennepin County
    Jelena Kunovac*+
    Austin and Audrey Lee*+
    Tristin and Martin Mannion*+
    Michael and Margaret McCaffery*+
    R. Russell and Marcy Meyer
    Speedo USA
    SwimWays Corp.
    Kevin and Patricia Thompson*+
    Bob and Erin Vincent
    Bart and Linda Wear*+
    John and Vicky Whitley
    Dave and Barbara Wiederecht*


    Chris and Fiona Chandler*
    El Pomar Foundation*
    F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
    Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC
    HBK Engineering, LLC
    Stephen Little*+
    Missy Franklin / Speedo USA*^
    Greg and Marti Rosenbaum*
    Sigma Gamma Rho Swim 1922 Partnership
    Streamline Brands
    TYR Sport


    William Barrett*^
    Tony and Sharon Bartle^
    Bryan and Pam Bloom*
    Drs. Cecil and Yvonne Gordon*
    John and Amy Herrera*
    The Hoffman Family*
    Nina Hughes*
    Dan and Paris Jacobs*
    Ran Korolik
    Brent Lang and Elizabeth Van Schaack*^
    The Lydecker Family*
    Bill and Donna Maxson*
    Mid-Cities Arlington Swimming*
    Amanda Nusbaum
    Andrew and Lori O'Brien*
    Oklahoma Swimming Inc.*
    David and Edlyn Pursell*
    Risk Management Services, Inc.*
    The Sauerland Foundation*
    Ram Shapuram
    Margaret Stedman
    The Robert and Christine Steinmann Family Foundation
    Michael and Donna Szymanski*
    In Memory of William A. Vicik*
    Dawn Ward
    Kelly Warnagiris
    Dr. Pat and John Wilson*
    Marsha and Peter Wolfson*


    Todd and Kimberly Adams*
    Ahmed Alali
    The America Group, LLC*
    Brian Berford
    Paul and Rebecca Boca*
    Tobias Boedeker
    Kristine Boehm Young
    Robert Briggs
    Bob and Judy Burlingham*
    Bob and Rosie Carlson
    Alison Coates
    Colonel Bill Cope*
    Joan Craffey
    Donna Currie
    Walter N. Davis*
    Beth Eldridge
    Mark Erickson*
    Jeremy and Jennifer Ferguson*
    Janet Fludzinski
    John Gehri
    Nathan and Angela George
    Brian Gordon*^
    Elizabeth and Mark Gormley*
    Anne Greenawalt
    Debbie Hesse*

    $2,500-4,999 cont.

    Kelvin Ho
    Paul and Jean Hofmann*
    Duncan Houldsworth*
    David Inadomi
    Ashley Jackson
    Lanni and Curtis Jacobson
    Kevin R. Kearns*
    Isabella Latak
    Lisa Leguillou
    Mike and Susie Leonard
    Cokie Lepinski
    Chris Lively
    Robert and Kathy Mendez*
    Middle Atlantic Swimming*
    Dr. Jim and Patty Miller*^
    Cherylyn Mizzo
    Thomas Murray
    New England Swimming, Inc*
    Michael and Amy Nordmann*
    Braulio Oliveira
    Erick Ormsby
    Erin Patterson
    Power Aquatics*
    Mark Pugliese and Susan Campbell*
    David Randesi*
    Scott Rodeo M.D. and Christine Frissora-Rodeo M.D.*^
    Taylor Rogers

    $2,500-4,999 cont.

    Cheryl Runneboom
    Ehan Sherman
    Melanie Sieger
    Kenneth and Anna Smith
    Mark Smith
    Charlotte Somers
    Chad Steed
    Alexander Steinhart
    Andrea Stojanovski
    Stupp Bros. Bridge and Iron Co. Foundation*
    Roberta Suchil
    Sun Devil Swimming Association*
    Marci Symington
    Coleman Teach
    Bob Turner
    Michael Vale
    Michelle Vanderloo
    Jamie Vazquez
    George and Marsha Ward*
    Gail and Irv Weintraub*
    Michael and Marci Weiss
    Denise Wetzel
    Carla Yegher
    Rich and Pennie Young*


    AIMS Companies*
    Holly and Fil Alleva*
    Katy Arris-Wilson and Kevin Wilson*^
    Robert Bach*
    Graeme B. Badger*
    Marielle Balz*
    The Barnicoat Family*^
    Elizabeth Beisel*^
    Randy and Aline Bensen*
    Erika Binger*
    Blake Stabler Fund*
    Al and Sandi Blumit*
    Linda and Dick Boettcher*
    Border Swimming, Inc.*
    John Bradley*
    Wes and Cristy Bratton*
    Michele and Bryan Brown
    Robert Broyles*
    Mark and Jan Bundy*
    Frank and Meg Campbell*
    Christopher and Vivienne Carlson*
    Bill Charney/Charney Associates*
    Lydia and Steve Chase*^
    Julie Chen and Rachel Arnold*
    The Christianson Family*
    Dave and Collette Christopher*
    Cat Clark*
    Corboy & Demetrio
    Priscilla Davis*
    Kimberly Davis
    Paul and Alicia Degrado*
    Michelle DiPietro*
    Maya DiRado*^
    Dick and Lucy Duncan*
    Gregory Eggert*
    Richard Ellis
    Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (EHTF)*
    Paul and Mary Favaro*
    Patrick and Barbara Finley*
    Price Fishback and Pamela Slaten*
    Carl and Laura Fitch
    Samantha Fliegler

    $1,000-2,999 cont.

    Florida Gold Coast Swimming*
    Tristan and Meredith Formon*
    Brandon and Leanne Franklin*
    Rowdy and Judy Gaines*^
    The Geanon Family*
    General Electric Company
    The Glynn Marie Ward-Joyner ALS Foundation*
    Ted and Lee Haartz*
    Bobby Hackett and Diane Kenny*^
    Julie Hall*
    Kelly and Clark Hammond*
    James and Deborah Harvey*
    Dr. Mark Herman and Dr. Shiva Maralani*
    Mark Hesse*
    Betsi Hill*
    Tim and Mia Hinchey*
    Stu and Vickie Hixon*
    Leigh Holley*
    Tom Holmberg*
    Amy and John Hoppenrath*
    Tim Husson*
    Imagine Swimming, Inc.*
    Eric Jaeger*
    Thomas M. Jones*
    Ron and Andreea Karnaugh^
    Bill Kirkner*
    Peter Kohnstamm*
    Dr. Joseph and Maureen Koziol*
    Karin LaBerge and Doug Marshall*^
    Patrick Lahey
    The Lakota Family*
    Leonard Landsbaum and Donna Moog*
    Mary Lasser*
    Amy and George Lathrop*
    Amanda and Thomas Lister*
    Shayla and Jonathan Lucas*
    Thomas Malchow*^
    Dan McAllen*
    Chris and Jenny McCuiston
    Dr. Scott and Mrs. Arlene McDonald*

    $1,000-2,999 cont.

    Teri McKeever and Jerry Romani*^
    Lucinda McRoberts*
    David P. Meagher, Jr. MD*
    John and Jacquie Meisenheimer*
    Irene Joyce and Tony Melchior*
    Michael and Cheryl Mendez*
    Lindsay and Michael Mintenko*^
    Stephen and Claudia Mitchell*
    John and Kay Morse*
    Julie and Steve Morsilli*^
    Pat and Katy Murphy*
    Dr. Geoff Mykleby*
    Laurie Nicoletti*
    Millie Nygren*
    Ohio LSC*
    Don and Judy Oliphant*
    Parnall Law Firm LLC
    Edgar Perez
    Robert and Graciela Placak*^
    Mary and Mike Plant*^
    Pool Scouts*
    John Porges*
    Tom Pulley
    Austin Ramirez*^
    Matthew Rees*
    Ross and Kaari Reichard*
    Chad Riester
    Heather Rietz*
    Scott Robertson*
    Ted Robinson
    Jim and Carolyn Ryan*
    Brent Rychener
    Andrea and Semi Salmi*
    Santa Clara Swim Club*
    Margy and Jeff Sargent
    John and Leanne Sauerland*^
    Gloria Schuldt*
    Scott Schutzmeister*
    Griffin Seaver*
    Jim and Debbie Sheehan*
    Jim Sheridan
    Barbara and Andrew Ship*
    Spear Corporation*

    $1,000-2,499 cont.

    Tod Spieker*
    Joe and Jayne Spittler*
    State Street Foundation
    Dan and Tracey Stephenson*^
    Sterling Capital Management LLC*
    Tiffany and Mel Stewart*^
    Mary Jo Swalley*^
    Bess and Glen Swanson*
    Chris Synsvoll
    Jay Thomas*
    Joe Tiago*
    Tom Ugast*
    Mike and Lisa Unger*
    Eileen and Paul Unruh*
    Ron and Jackie Van Pool*
    Brian Vereb
    Lisa and Malcolm Vetterlein*
    Ron and Sue Vinyard*
    Gerard and Mayre von Hoffmann*
    Jim Wargo
    Kent and Tami Weaver*
    Marie Weferling*
    Dale and Guy Williams*
    Bob and Debbie Wright
    Debbie Zimmerman*



    Amherst College
    Sam Brownell
    Julie and Chris Carpenter
    Gary Chimes
    Tom and Kathy Collins
    Scott and Lynda Conkel
    H. Douglas Cooke III
    Linda and Dave Delaney
    Envision Physical Therapy
    Dave Fairbank^
    Matt and Michelle Farrell
    Oscar Fernandez
    Rachel Fisher
    Ginny Duenkel Fuldner^
    Cynthia and Raymond Gaytan
    Goldman Sachs
    Gena Hooper
    Cynthia Howson
    Doug and Susie Ingram^
    John and Margaret Iwanicki
    Chris Kindelan
    The Krabak Family
    LuAnne Kuelbs
    Anne Lawley
    Maryland Suburban Swim Club
    Linda and John Mendell
    Melissa Mishoe
    Robert Patison
    Stephanie Reyburn
    Riley Eaton Swim Foundation Inc
    Stephen Robbins
    Ralph Serpas
    Rachel and Jay Skaistis
    Tom and Elizabeth Smoliga
    Speare Law Firm, P.C.
    Tim Stumbaugh
    Dara Torres^
    Susan Weisman
    Suzi Wilkins
    Brenda Williams
    Nicole Wilson


    Robert and Diane Abdellah
    Lynn Adams-Bruno
    Amazon Smile
    Susie Atwood^
    Tom Avischious
    Charles Ball
    David and Kristina Bangs
    Susan Baughman
    Joyce Baynes
    Clay and Janis Beall
    Craig Beardsley^
    Mike and Cynthia Begley
    Stan Benson
    Clint and Laurie Benton
    Leslie Bergquist
    Anne Berry
    Kelli Billish Fitter
    Axel and Pam Birnbrich
    Paul and Hope Bloom
    Blue Wave Swim Team
    Ashley Bollwerk
    Steve and Leisa Branton
    Chris Brearton
    Jesica Breland
    Edward and Jennifer Brennan
    Kay and Bill Britton
    Christopher and Susan Brown
    Steve and Jill Brown
    Victoria Brown-Sobecki
    Patricia Buffett
    CAA Sports
    Lisa Ceddia

    $100-499 cont.

    Jo Chang
    Jill and Michael Chasson^
    Carlin Chesick
    Randy and Laura Clark
    Coastal Swimming Association
    Dr. Emily and Tom Bayer
    David Coleman
    Jim and Ellen Colket
    James Collins
    Chris Coneeney
    Stephanie Crofton
    Bob and Colleen Crunstedt
    Roberta K. Culpepper
    Barbara Cummings
    Brian Cunningham
    Margaret Davis
    David Dawson and Susan Guyett
    Tina and Kevin Dessart
    DeWitt Insurance Agency, Inc.
    Pamela Dickens
    Barry and Danielle Dittus
    F. and B. Dommen
    Scott and Mary Donaldson
    Anonymous Donor
    Daniel Donovan
    Mark and Ondine Doore
    Janis and Frank Dowd^
    Deidre and James Duncan
    Lynn and Lauren English
    Sebastian Escarfuller
    Fairland Aquatic Swim Team
    Ron and Maria Fattal
    Anice Flesh
    Jim Fox
    Stephen R. Franke
    Dave and Emily Frische
    Dyann Fukumoto
    Tracey and Patrick Garrett
    Gary Gasser
    Daniel Gay
    Jason Gies
    Shannon Gillespy^
    Peter A. Goldman
    Kimberly Golembiesky
    Libby Graham
    Mark and Meredith Gramelspacher
    Monique and Stephen Grayson
    Kathy Green
    Amy Griffin
    Bob Griffiths
    Hope H. Eiseman and Robert R. Grusky
    The Gullquist Family
    Jeanne and Robert Hansen
    Monica Hare
    Lo Harrison
    Andrew and Janet Hart
    Marcena Hendrix
    Shafer Henry
    John and Carole Hirschmann
    Pat and Diane Hogan
    Holland Community Aquatic Center
    David Houck
    The Hughes Family
    Joelle and Mike Hurlston
    Michelle Hyjek
    Dr. Fady F. Jabre
    H. Daniel Jayne
    Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk

    $100-499 cont.

    Kirsten and Michael Kaisner-Duncan
    Jim Keily
    Ronald and Leslie Keller
    Pat and Liz Kelley
    Allison Kelsoe
    Debbie Kennon
    Joshua Killian
    Victoria King
    Robert and Emily Klemme
    John and Janet Kline
    Russell Kline
    Diane Korn
    Andy Kroupa
    Fares Ksebati
    Ann Kuhlkin
    Steven Kumpan
    Dr. Chuck and Ashley Kutch
    Karen and Victor Lang-Pluto
    Joyce and Marvin Lanphere
    Kevin and Anna Lee
    Lee Camene Insurance Agency LLC
    Valerie Levanos
    Libby Lewis
    Nathan L. Lewis DDS
    Donghui and Joyce Li
    Spencer and Barbara Liles
    Leah Limpert
    Laura Lindeman
    Stephen and Louise Long
    AquaPrint Solutions, Inc.
    Debbie Loux
    Maxim Lukiyanov
    Lungwitz Financial Services LLC
    Ann Lutzker
    Machine Aquatics
    Robert Macleod
    Glenn Malloy
    Jim and Sharon Manz
    Marietta Marlins, Inc
    John and Jennifer May
    Janice McCaffrey
    Annie McCarty
    Jim McConica^
    Helen McDermid
    Michael and Janet McDermott
    Kate McMullan
    Mimi McWilliams
    Barbara Ann and Arthur Milch
    Raymond Mosher
    Stanley L. Mushaw
    Kristi Myles
    Khaled Nasr
    Elizabeth R. Neblett
    Jill Nelson
    Lynn and John Nelson^
    Network For Good
    John Newlan
    Novo Nordisk
    Rachael Ochoa
    Pat and Susan O'Connell
    Kimberly O'Donnell
    Lisa and David Olack
    Chris and Robert Olmstead^
    Kim O'Shea
    Ronald Owens
    Mr. Chris Paolini
    David and Candyce Pardee
    Mary Jane Sears Parks^
    The Paulson Family
    Peter Paulus
    PayPal Charitable Giving Fund

    $100-499 cont.

    Eric Peterson
    Louis Petrozziello^
    Richard Pfeifer
    Phong Pham
    Cathy Pieroni
    Sydney Pinello
    Mark Pinger
    John and Jill Pitz
    Maria Poulathas
    Katherine L. Preis for the Late Timothy O. Pierce Sr.
    April Preston and Kyran Dowling
    Laura Pritchett
    Jason Read
    Sean and Mary Redmond
    Diane Rispoli
    Renee Rodgers
    John and Nancy Roy
    Mandy Rutledge
    Mike and Karen Rutter
    Paul Sampson
    Susan Sanchez
    Mark and Debra Schremp
    Scott Seabolt
    Patti and Rich Sears
    Lucas and Karen Shelly
    Bruce Shewchuk
    Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center
    Kayla Simon
    Thomas Sims
    Burke Sims
    Jeanette Skow
    Julie Sommer^
    Don and Michelle Stalkfleet
    Aaron and Lindsay Stewart
    The Stolarski Family
    Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc.
    Kate Sussman
    Swimming Officials Association of NJ Northern District Inc.
    Tableau Software
    Tampa Bay Turners
    Davis and Brittany Tarwater^
    Tallie Taylor
    Rachel Tellez
    Samuel Thayer^
    Amanda Thompson-Gonzalez
    Cathy Tiseo
    Alyssa Townsend
    Craig Travers
    Patricia Troyer
    Ed Tsuzuki
    Mary Turner
    Scott Usher^
    R.J. Van Almen
    SaraBeth and Charley Vaughan
    Village of Schaumburg
    Kevin and Heather Wagner
    John Walker and Susanne O'Callaghan
    Ronald and Marcia Webb
    Wendy Weinberg Weil^
    Patrick Weiss
    Steve and Lisa Whitaker
    Nancy Wielgus
    Dan Willert
    William H. Cilker Family Foundation
    Debbie Wilson
    Michael Wilson
    Morton Wolf
    Alex and Vanessa Wolff
    Scott and Nancy Wolfson
    Ed and Randi Woodbury
    Jeff Yocom
    Dwight Yoder
    Matt Yovich
    Adam Zaczkowski and Erin Brown

    In-Kind Donors

    Arena North America
    Samantha Arsenault Livingstone, Livingstone High Performance, LLC.
    Paul and Marilyn Asmuth/The Napa Valley Reserve
    Asphalt Green
    The Battier Take Charge Foundation
    Elizabeth Beisel
    Alex Blavatnik
    Sandi Blumit
    Hal Brown
    Kobe Bryant
    Capital Genealogy
    Chris and Fiona Chandler
    Enterprise Holdings
    Famous Fat Dave
    Gaderian Wines
    Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC
    Drs. Cecil and Yvonne Gordon
    Dr. Karyn Grossman / Grossman Dermatology
    Debbie Hesse
    IOA Insurance Services
    Jonata and The Hilt Winery
    JUSTIN Vineyard & Winery
    Laguna Fins
    Jon Ledecky and the NY Islanders
    Lisa Leguillou 
    Mike Lewis
    Rustic Marlin
    Lindsay & Mike Mintenko
    Myrtha Pools USA
    NBC Universal Media, LLC
    Phillips 66
    Public Theater
    The Race Club
    Greg and Marti Rosenbaum
    Kaitlin Sandano
    Aimee Schmitt
    Short's Travel Management
    Speedo USA
    Sport Graphics
    Swim Outlet
    SwimWays Corp.
    The Tennis Channel
    Josh Todd / Omaha Sports Commission
    TYR Sport
    Universty of Notre Dame
    USA Basketball
    Ron and Jackie Van Pool
    Dana Vollmer
    Patrick Weiss

    Matching Gift Companies

    Freddie Mac
    Genentech, Inc.
    General Electric Company
    Goldman Sachs
    Novo Nordisk
    State Street Foundation
    Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc.
    Tableau Software

    Golden Goggle Awards
    Table Sponsors


    Alex and Olga Blavatnik
    Phillips 66


    Arena North America
    First Western Trust Bank
    Marriott International, Inc.
    Myrtha Pools USA
    Speedo USA
    TYR Sport


    The Copses Family Foundation
    NBC Sports Group


    Badger Swim Club
    Bryan Cave HRO
    Steven R. Czekala
    Dodd Technologies, Inc.
    Rowdy and Judy Gaines
    Goldfish Swim School Franchising
    Hospital for Special Surgery
    Indiana Swimming Inc.
    K&K Insurance
    Long Island Aquatic Club
    Michael McCaffery
    Metropolitan Swimming
    Michael Phelps Foundation
    Omaha Sports Commission
    Risk Management Services, Inc.
    Southern California Swimming
    Sport Graphics
    State Street Foundation
    TeamUnify, LLC
    United States Olympic Committee
    Wasserman Foundation