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2020 U.S.A. Swimming National Team Alumni Reunion

You know it’s time for our U.S.A. Swimming National Team Alumni Reunion when the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming rolls around. Every four years, hundreds of alums spanning 7+ generations gather together for an action packed 4-day reunion. In 2020 the reunion will include a special On-Deck Recognition of the '60, '80 and '00 Olympic Teams. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget. View the photo gallery below from the 2016 Alumni Reunion and see for yourself what a truly amazing experience it was!


Discipline, goal-setting, competition, standing atop the podium, making lifelong friends.

The swimming pool was your home. Day after day, stroke by stroke, this was the place where you learned what you were capable of accomplishing, what you were made of.

Your time in the pool helped to define you and shaped who you are today. Come back to the sport that gave you so much. Reconnect with teammates and rejoin the community that you once called home. Jump back into the pool and help introduce the wonderful sport of swimming to a whole new generation of children. Share your life experiences and knowledge with today’s up-and-coming swim stars. Donate to the USA Swimming Foundation with a mission to save lives and build champions – in the pool and in life.  

AlumniMesaSelfieFrom newly retired National Team athletes to champions who stood atop the podium decades ago, our National Team Alumni are an integral part of the mission and growth of the USA Swimming Foundation.

You can join our National Team Alumni Facebook group and sign-up to receive Intervals our U.S. National Team Alumni newsletter which will keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with your teammates from all generations, our current social calendar, and more! Reconnect with your teammates and make new friends at the USA Swimming Foundation's regional socials and the quadrennial U.S. National Team Alumni Reunion that brings together former National Teamers of all generations.

Whether you are a multi-medal winning swimmer or wore the red, white, and blue for one season, the USA Swimming Foundation is a place to call home.

Regional Alumni Socials

Throughout the year, the Foundation holds events around the country to bring together retired members of the U.S. National Team. If you have ever represented the U.S. on the blocks, these events are for you!

Where we’ll be in 2019:
March 23: Austin, TX (Women's NCAA DI Championships)
March 30: Austin, TX (Men's NCAA DI Championships)
August 3: Palo Alto, CA (Phillips 66 National Championships)

Contact USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador, Mel Stewart for more information.

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1/21  Alumni On Deck

2/21  Last Gold Panel 2

3/21  Kickoff Party 1

4/21  Laps with Lezak 4

5/21  56 Olympic Team On Deck

6/21  76 Olympic Team On Deck

7/21  96 Olympic Team On Deck

8/21  Laps with Lezak 3

9/21  Reunion Luncheon 2

10/21  Reunion Luncheon

11/21  Last Gold Audience

12/21  Kickoff Party 2

13/21  Laps with Lezak 2

14/21  Team Photos 2

15/21  NTAlumniReunion2016

16/21  Laps with Lezak 5

17/21  Reunion Luncheon 3

18/21  Alumni On Deck 2

19/21  Laps with Lezak

20/21  Last Gold Casey Converse Book Signing

21/21  Last Gold Panel