Swim-a-Thon is a fun and easy way to raise money for your team while supporting the USA Swimming Foundation!  In the past 10 years, more than 1,000 swim teams across the country have raised more than $50.8 million dollars for their clubs. In 2016, more than 550 teams raised $7.4 million dollars, that’s an average of $13,450 per team!

Ready to get started? Visit the USA Swimming Swim-a-Thon page to sign-up and start raising money or read on to learn more!

SATsandpipersWhat is Swim-a-Thon?

It’s a simple, in-pool fundraiser where participants earn money by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers ask family members, friends, neighbors, or businesses to pledge a certain amount of money per length, or make a flat donation in support of the team.  

Athletes participating in your team Swim-a-Thon fundraiser can earn participation and incentive awards from the USA Swimming Foundation, including bag tags, swim caps, water bottles, t-shirts, hoodies, towels, duffel bags, and backpacks. Plus, qualified teams are automatically entered into an annual, nationwide Swim-a-Thon contest where you have the opportunity to win valuable prize packages, and, the ultimate prize, a personal club visit from a current National Team athlete! 


  • Training equipment
  • Pool time
  • Coaches education and salaries
  • Team travel
  • Video equipment
  • Starting blocks
  • Anything else your club needs!

SATRoseBowl2013How does Swim-a-Thon help the USA Swimming Foundation?

Since 2012, more than $1.4 million has been contributed in support of the USA Swimming Foundation's mission to save lives and build champions from teams hosting a USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon. Teams sign a contract to contribute 5% (or more) of the gross proceeds from their event to the Foundation. Each year many teams choose to contribute more than 5%, with some teams making the USA Swimming Foundation their charity of choice by donating 100% of their proceeds back to the USA Swimming Foundation!

What does the USA Swimming Foundation do with this money?

  • In 2016, the Foundation provided $120,000 in funds to help fund the USA Swimming’s National Age Group Coaches Summit, the Women’s Leadership Conference series, and eight Regional Coaches Clinics. 
  • The Foundation will be supporting USA Swimming’s 2017 Club Analytics Project, enhancing the Membership & Performance Database Reports, a benefit to every club in the U.S.A.
  • We award grant funds to our Make a Splash Local Partners to bring the lifesaving gift of free or low-cost swim lessons to children across the country.
  • The Foundation directly supports our National team athletes and coaches, allowing them to train full-time as they fight to keep USA Swimming the #1 in the world.
  • And so much more!

When your team hosts a USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon, you are not only raising funds to build a stronger team at home, you are helping to provide endless opportunities to kids, athletes, coaches, and swim programs across the country!

Are you ready to get started on your way to fundraising the fun and successful way, the Swim-a-Thon way? Click here to learn more.

Swim-a-Thon Videos

2016 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement

2016 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement (1:34)

2016 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement (1:34)

Mt. Hood Swim-a-Thon Promo

Mt. Hood Swim-a-Thon Promo (00:48)

Mt. Hood Swim-a-Thon Promo (00:48)

Napa Valley Swim-a-Thon Promo

Napa Valley Swim-a-Thon Promo (01:31)

Napa Valley Swim-a-Thon Promo (01:31)

2015 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement

2015 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement (01:41)

2015 Swim-a-Thon Contest Announcement (01:41)