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ChampionsClubLogo2014The dual sides of the Foundation’s mission are vitally important. The USA Swimming Foundation is making children safer around the water, and if these children who learn-to-swim continue on in the sport to become champions, that’s even better.

-Bob and Erin Vincent

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The USA Swimming Foundation’s Champions Club is comprised of our most distinguished and loyal supporters.

Members of the Champions Club provide financial leadership to the swimming community, and receive exclusive benefits reserved for our inner circle of friends. By making a gift to the Champions Club, you help to strengthen the sport of swimming from grassroots to gold medals—from learn-to-swim programs to our sport’s top athletes.

MakeaSplashREVContributions to the USA Swimming Foundation support:

  • Make a Splash, the Foundation’s national child-focused water safety initiative.  Through Make a Splash, the USA Swimming Foundation provides scholarships for children to participate in learn-to-swim programs across the United States.  Since 2007 the USA Swimming Foundation has provided more than $5 million for children’s swim lessons.
  • Our heroes on the U.S. National Team, who are in the pool and continuing to train for their next meet and this summer's Pan Pacific Championships! In 2017, the USA Swimming Foundation provided more than $631,000 in grants to our National Team for direct athlete support, incentives for coaches, and Junior National Team Travel. Champions Club donations allow our coaches and athletes to stay focused on their swimming goals and provide the crucial financial support needed to compete on swimming’s most elite stages.
  • USA Swimming’s programs and services. In 2017 the USA Swimming Foundation was able to provide $120,000 to club development to support grassroots programming. With an emphasis on coach education, Foundation funding supported such vital programming as Women’s Leadership Conferences, a National Age Group Coaches Summit and several Regional Coaches Clinics.

  • Other initiatives as they arise, including critical operating expenses.

VIP - $10,000+

  • Access for ten (10) people to an exclusive Champions Club VIP event during the Golden Goggles Awards weekend
  • A personalized plaque recognizing your commitment to the USA Swimming Foundation, for display in your home or office
  • Special recognition gift
  • and all of the benefits of Champions Club Benefactors

Benefactor - $5,000

  • Access for six (6) people to an exclusive Champions Club VIP event during the Golden Goggles Awards weekend
  • Recognition on a plaque displayed at USA Swimming Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Special recognition gift
  • and all of the benefits of Champions Club Patrons

Patron - $2,500

  • Access for four (4) people to an exclusive Champions Club VIP event during the Golden Goggles Awards weekend
  • and all of the benefits of Champions Club Members

Member - $1,000

  • A Champions Club recognition gift
  • Access for two (2) people to an exclusive Champions Club VIP event during the Golden Goggles Awards weekend
  • VIP access and tour of USA Swimming Headquarters at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Recognition on the Foundation website, Golden Goggle Awards program, Champions Club brochure, and other Foundation publications


 Thank you to all the donors who joined the Champions Club in 2017. Your generosity is making a difference in the lives of American swimmers, from those just learning to float, to those training hard to take their place atop the world's podiums.  You are truly helping to save lives and build champions - in the pool and in life.

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2017 Champions Club VIP - $10,000+

  • Alex and Olga Blavatnik
  • Tim and Jennifer Buckley
  • Chris and Fiona Chandler
  • The Copses Family Foundation
  • Carolyn Dirks and Brett Dougherty
  • El Pomar Foundation
  • Missy Franklin / Speedo
  • Jelena Kunovac
  • Austin and Audrey Lee
  • Miriam and Jim Mulva
  • Hailey and Patrick Schramm
  • Speedo
  • Kevin and Patricia Thompson
  • Julie and Jay Van Cleave
  • Bart and Linda Wear
  • John and Vicky Whitley

2017 CHAMPIONS CLUB Benefactor - $5,000+

  • Jill and Jeff Bornstein
  • Cecil and Yvonne Gordon
  • Risk Management Services, Inc
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Swim 1922 Partnership



  • Todd and Kimberly Adams
  • Colonel Bill Cope
  • Debbie Hesse
  • The Hoffman Family
  • Pat and Diane Hogan
  • Dr. James N. Johnson and Ms. Catherine Stutzner
  • Kevin R. Kearns
  • Mary Lasser
  • Amanda and Thomas Lister
  • Bill and Donna Maxson
  • John and Kay Morse
  • Michael and Amy Nordmann
  • Omaha Sports Commission
  • Power Aquatics
  • Mike and Lisa Unger
  • George and Marsha Ward


  • Peter and Margaret Allen
  • Carol Arnold
  • Katherine Barnes
  • The Barnicoat Family
  • Tony and Sharon Bartle
  • Elizabeth Beisel
  • Erika Binger
  • George E. Block, Jr.
  • Elizabeth Blok
  • Al and Sandi Blumit
  • Linda and Dick Boettcher
  • John Bradley
  • Robert Broyles
  • Candlewick Press
  • Christopher and Vivienne Carlson
  • Jim and Ellen Colket
  • Connecticut Swimming
  • Walter N. Davis
  • Dick and Lucy Duncan
  • Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (EHTF)
  • Matt and Michelle Farrell
  • Paul and Mary Favaro
  • Jeremy and Jennifer Ferguson
  • Steven and Lisa Feyerick
  • Patrick and Barbara Finley
  • Price Fishback and Pamela Slaten
  • Florida Gold Coast Swimming
  • Florida Swimming Inc.
  • Brandon and Leanne Franklin
  • Nathan and Angela George
  • Brian Gordon
  • Ted and Lee Haartz
  • Kelly and Clark Hammond
  • James and Deborah Harvey
  • HealthCor Foundation Trust
  • Mark Herman and Shiva Maralani
  • Mark Hesse
  • Tim and Mia Hinchey
  • Stu and Vickie Hixon
  • Tom Holmberg
    • Amy and John Hoppenrath
    • Robert and Vycke Horback
    • Imagine Swimming, Inc.
    • Bill Keating
    • Suzi and Bill Krumm
    • Peter Lasser and Cynthia Potter
    • Matthew Mauriello
    • Dan McAllen
    • David P. Meagher, Jr. MD
    • Lindsay and Michael Mintenko
    • Julie and Steve Morsilli
    • Pat and Katy Murphy
    • Mary and Mike Plant
    • In Memory of L.J. Pugliese
    • David and Edlyn Pursel
    • Matthew Rees
    • Ross and Kaari Reichard
    • Jim and Carolyn Ryan
    • San Antonio Sports
    • Santa Clara Swim Club
    • Jonathan Scheff
    • Jim and Debbie Sheehan
    • Barbara and Andrew Ship
    • Davis, Anne and Ethan Smith
    • Spiraledge, Inc.
    • Joe and Jayne Spittler
    • Bruce and Patty Stratton
    • Swimming Natation Canada
    • Jay and Ann Thomas
    • Joseph Tiago
    • Sean, Kathleen and AnneMarie Trench
    • Tom Ugast
    • United States Olympic Committee
    • Eileen and Paul Unruh
    • Jan Van Nimwegen
    • Ron and Jackie Van Pool
    • Gerard and Mayre von Hoffmann
    • Marie Weferling
    • Ryan Mooney and Susan Woessner
    • Alexander Wolff
    • Jim Wood
    • Rich and Pennie Young

    Website donor lists are updated quarterly. All efforts have been made for accuracy. Please contact the USA Swimming Foundation at 719-866-3587 with any questions or concerns.

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