Goggles for Guppies

GFGLogoGoggles for Guppies is the official equipment distributor for the Make a Splash initiative. A 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, founded in 2011 by Southern California twin swimmers Chris and Matt Hales, Goggles for Guppies is a volunteer organization that distributes donated swim equipment to underprivileged children while providing community service opportunities for athletes, intermediate, and high school students who need to fulfill their community service requirements for graduation. Goggles for Guppies solicits donations of swim gear such as swimsuits, caps, goggles, fins, and kickboards, and distributes this equipment through the Make a Splash Local Partner network, encouraging underprivileged, at-risk children to learn to swim.  http://www.gogglesforguppies.org/About-Us.html